Zachary Zander

Doctoral Student 

Phone: 920-296-9803


B.S., Chemistry: 2013
St. Norbert College, WI

Current Research

Tunable Oxime Hydrogels for Biomedical Applications and Functional Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)


  1. Zander, Z.K.; Hua, G.; Wiener, C.; Vogt, B.D.; Becker, M.L. “Control of Mesh Size and Modulus using Kinetically Dependent Cross-linking in Hydrogels”, Advanced Materials, 2015 (in press)
  2. “Softening Thermoplastic Polyurethane using Ionomer Technology” Patent Pending; USPTO: 62/166,752, 2015
  3. “Decellularized Tissue/Nanofiber/Hydrogel Hybrid for Optimized Tissue Regeneration” Patent Pending; USPTO: 62/116,600, 2015
  4. Russel, J.S.; Ochsner, C.E.; McMannus, M.M.; Day, J.J.; Zarb, R.M.; Zander, Z.K.; Tremel, A.M.; Vincent, K.L.; Rooyakkers, M.D.; Jackan, R.L. “Synthesis and Evaluation of Indole-Based Inhibitors of the Dopamine Transporter”. Presentation at the 246th ACS National Meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana, September 11, 2013